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Stéphane BIRKLE

Associate Professor

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IRT CRCNA UMR 892 INSERM 8 quai Moncousu F44008 Nantes cedex 01 France

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Immunology and Biotechnology

Activities / Resume

I have been an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical and Biological Sciences of Nantes since 2004. I graduated from the University of Nantes (France) in 1994 with a degree in Veterinary Medicine and went on to study  fish liver ganglioside expression for three years at the UMR University of Nantes - Inserm U. 211 (Nantes, France) during my PhD. Between finishing in Nantes and my appointment at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical and Biological Sciences of Nantes, I spent 3 years at the Medical College of Virginia Commonwealth University (Richmond, VA, USA) investigating the biological functions of O-acetylated gangliosides on tumor cell biology. Now at University of Nantes, I am working in Dr. François Paris' group conducting research into identifying tumor-associated ganglioside antigens and generating therapeutic antibodies directed against gangliosides. Anti-ganglioside monoclonal-based therapy is motivated by the fact that some gangliosides are rather abundant on tumor cells but absent on normal tissues. Gangliosides are also associated with cell proliferation, cell invasion and apoptosis.

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Denis Cochonneau,
Jihane Frickeche,
Stéphane Birklé,
Julien Fleurence,
Mickaël Terme.

Antibody engineering,


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PhD Student Surpervision

Ariane Desselle: Novel Antibodies against Tumor Endothelial Cells
Mickael Terme: Novel Antibodies against Tumor-Associated Ganglioside


A monoclonal antibody to O-acetyl-GD2 ganglioside and not to GD2 shows potent anti-tumor activity without peripheral nervous system cross-reactivity. Alvarez-Rueda N, Desselle A, Cochonneau D, Chaumette T, Clemenceau B, Leprieur S, Bougras G, Supiot S, Mussini JM, Barbet J, Saba J, Paris F, Aubry J, Birklé S. PLoS One. 2011;6(9):e25220. Epub 2011 Sep 22.

Binding activities and antitumor properties of a new mouse/human chimeric antibody specific for GD2 ganglioside antigen. Alvarez-Rueda N, Leprieur S, Clémenceau B, Supiot S, Sébille-Rivain V, Faivre-Chauvet A, Davodeau F, Paris F, Barbet J, Aubry J, Birklé S. Clin Cancer Res. 2007; 13: 5613s-5620s.

Generation of llama single-domain antibodies against methotrexate, a prototypical hapten. Alvarez-Rueda N, Behar G, Ferré V, Pugnière M, Roquet F, Gastinel L, Jacquot C, Aubry J, Baty D, Barbet J, Birklé S. Mol Immunol. 2007; 44:1680-90.

Role of tumor-associated gangliosides in cancer progression. Birklé S, Zeng G, Gao L, Yu RK, Aubry J. Biochimie. 2003; 85:455-63. Review.


Atlab Pharma SAS, Radio-Antibodies against Cancer, co-funder & consultant.

The French Society for Immunology